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Integrity.  Diligence.  Generosity.

Below is a collection of our business principles at Oelschlager Investments.

  • Our goal: provide market-beating money management for clients over a long period of time.

  • Do what is best for the client – not necessarily what is best for our bottom line.

  • Honesty.  We will always give it to you straight, whether it benefits us or not.

  • Intellectual honesty.  This is a step beyond honesty.  It means volunteering pertinent information even if it works against us.  Internally, it means performing our work in an unbiased fashion.

  • Unbiased:  We will perform our work in an unbiased fashion, which means seeking data which improves our investment decisions, even if it results in revealing that we’ve made a mistake.

  • Invest our personal assets alongside those of our clients.

  • Keep the #1 thing #1: We are investment managers, and we will keep our focus on investment management, not marketing or business generation.  In our opinion, many firms have become more skilled at attracting and keeping clients than they are at actually managing their money.  If we can’t achieve returns better than the market over a long period of time, then we don’t deserve to manage your money.

  • Our success as a firm is not a function of how many assets we attract and revenue we collect, but rather how well we manage our clients’ money.  If given a choice, we would rather be a small firm delivering exceptional returns to our clients than a large firm with mediocre performance.

  • Substance over sizzle.  If you choose us, we believe it should be for our long-term performance, not because we are good at telling you what you want to hear.

  • The client ranks above the organization, which ranks above any individual employee.  An employee putting self-interest above the firm or a client is unacceptable.

  • Absorb costs that competitors pass on to clients.

  • Give back to the community.

  • Treat others the way we would want to be treated.

  • Every client is regarded with importance, regardless of their account size.

  • Transparency.  You will always know who is managing your money and who was accountable for past results.

  • Continuous self-improvement, both personally and professionally.

  • Accountability, both as a firm and at the employee level.

  • Employees have the latitude to make mistakes but be accountable over the long run.

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